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Billet Compressor Wheel

Every single billet compressor wheel comes from a smart factory with industry 4.0 - a network of physical machines, robotics, and other devices embedded with network connectivity, sensors, and software that enables these objects to collect and exchange data information.

3D design and three-dimensional flow measurement and analysis. Aluminum A2618 of aerospace grade material. 5-axis CNC operations at high-speed with 7x24 hours. 2 plan balancing audit. This brand new type of compressor wheel can reduce the impact and eddy loss of airflow. Higher compression ratio and broader flow range available. The highest efficiency of compressor can reach 82%.


Diesel engines are currently the engine of choice for most yachts and workboats. In addition to being compatible with various high-performance tail shaft systems, the host specifications range from low horsepower for high horsepower. They are engineered for low speed, high torque engines, low fuel consumption, For continuous operation for a long time, the host maintenance and repair are very simple.

Diesel fuel is injected at or towards the end of the compression stroke and is ignited solely by the heat of compression of the charge air. Because of this, diesel engines can use a much higher boost pressure than spark ignition engines, thermodynamics and aerodynamics has been applied very completely.

Industrial and Agricultural

As fuel costs rise, it’s vital to find other ways to be efficient. By working with the aerodynamics experts you can reduce downtime and increase the effectiveness of your fleet.

Agriculture, more than most other industries, relies on efficient vehicles. Besides, Today's agriculture has long been fully automated, power generation, irrigation machinery and equipment will be more energy-efficient.


Today, turbocharging is common on both diesel and gasoline-powered cars. Turbocharging can increase power output for a given capacity or increase fuel efficiency by allowing a smaller displacement engine. In fact, most automotive diesels are turbocharged, since the use of turbocharging improved driveability and performance, greatly increasing their popularity.

Aerodynamics have been used in road transport, racing competitions, motorcycles, are also already in high demand for use in high altitude such as aircrafts. Being able to balance both energy-saving and power-increasing is the best solution in the world.

Data Technology

Now that the Internet of Things(IoT) is being used for everything all over the world, we are honored to participate in the application of building, machinery, equipment, device, sensor.. And so on. Not only in the manufacture of a superior of digitization and automation, even purchase and shipping are the same. Our trademark is registered in the U.S. and filed on the e-commerce platform to protect the intellectual property rights of the brand, in order to provide complete and secure online purchasing with the best such as, so that our customers can get the best service. With the information technology, we can deliver the highest quality products to our customers in the most efficient way.

In addition, we also encourage every customer to share your experience, any combination of car, boat or home data, such as augmented reality(AR) is so interesting. Just do it and let the mania of the world with the good research and play together.

About Us

TRITDT™ offers amazing tuning tools for aerodynamics solutions and believes that data technology delights everyone in the world.

As making it simpler for our customers means more people can enjoy the feeling of boost from a turbo. All turbos come with a complete set that easy to install. This is just our initial step to encourage people to join the world of aerodynamics. Meanwhile, the latest data technology are introduced to keep innovating, high quality and best service for our customers.


We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. Brand name TRITDT™ represents our philosophy, and in particular incorporates digital information technology in every aspect. Reg. Number 5495910 certified by the USPTO on Jun. 19, 2018.


We take pride in our quality. The materials are carefully selected and considered high strength and light weight. Manufacturing and balancing machines feature advanced technologies and made in Germany and Japan. Every single product as turbocharger has its own balancing report and included within per shipment. Amazon and eBay are the best partners of e-commerce platform to ensure our customers the most efficient purchase and fulfillment.


Anti-counterfeit tag represents the items genuine, and product information, instruction of installation, troubleshooting via cloud computing systems. The other good way is to follow our IG, FB and share your experience on official social media.


TRITDT™ originated in KINUGAWA and comprehensive upgrade, focusing on the best automotive power products, and convinced of data technology.


Inspired by Jeff Bezos, AMAZON CEO




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